Leslie Shaw

Research Associate

309 Dolgen Hall

Ithaca, NY 14853

Phone: (607) 255-4877
Fax: (607) 255-2763
Email: ls699@cornell.edu

Leslie Shaw

Leslie Shaw, Ph.D. is a Research Associate at the K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute (YTI) on Employment and Disability in the ILR School at Cornell University. She trained as a quantitative psychologist and specializes in research design, statistical modeling, longitudinal analysis, and transition from secondary education to employment. Dr. Shaw is studying collaboration practices among agencies that support youth with disabilities, the effects of transition practices on youth with autism, and designing instruments and conducting analyses for a project focused on systems-involved youth. She also provides technical assistance and evaluation support via Center for Advancing Policy on Employment for Youth (CAPE-Youth), Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center on Quality Management (VRTAC-QM), and the New York State Office of Special Education. Prior to YTI, Dr. Shaw worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Kansas University Center for Developmental Disabilities and Beach Center on Disability with top researchers in the field of special education, analyzing data on measures collected from national samples and supporting randomized control trials.


PhD 2017 - University of Kansas - Psychology
M.A. 2015 - University of Kansas – Psychology
M.A. 2004 – North Carolina Central University - Agency Counseling
B.S. 1992 - Randolph-Macon College - Mathematics